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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  March 16, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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hey'll tell you how. [tom] really? you wouldn't have that number on you,would you? live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. the investigation is underway after a fiery scene this morning in pittsburg. a driver is dead after slamming the big rig into a restaurant at a strip small. thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am sheerly generation. >> the fire is out. the big rig is in the willing. crews are in the process of removing the body.
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here is video from earlier. you can see thick smoke a result of the two-alarm fire when the big rig slammed into the willing. it was traveling northbound on railroad avenue in pittsburg after 8:20 this morning. the driver lost control at the intersection where railroad is, crashing into two cars stopped at the light and then veered off the road and into the building. police say the driver flashed his headlights before the crash possibly sending a message he knew something was wrong. >> it appears the situation...we do not know what was going on. [ inaudible ] the cars stopped at red light and it appear the driver of the trunk tried to alert people. >> this is what the crash looked like. the building is destroyed. this is a mexican restaurant that is closed on monday so no
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one was inside. witnesses reported hearing explosions during the fire. firefighters say that could have been the fuel tanks. this truck hauled things like dirt and gravel so there is no haz-mat situation. railroad avenue is closed the next couple of hours during the investigation. the name of the driver and the company the truck is with is being withheld until family members are enoughed. thanks. a father critically injured in a fire? san francisco's mission district last week has died. the 38-year-old died saturday from the injuries. his 13-year-old daughter is in critical condition. last wednesday the family's apartment at 24th street and treat avenue caught fire. two siblings and the mother were also taken to the hospital but they are recovering. firefighters acted quickly to rescue all five. the cause of the fire remains
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under investigation. developing news. it has been a bad morning for drivers in the east by. to the right of the scene you can see smoke from a fiery car crash in the caldecott tunnel in the eastbound lane this morning. to the left, look at lights, a monumental traffic jam if a seven vehicle accident on 680 much the caldecott tunnel fire caused a lot of headaches for drivers in the tunnel. the car that crashed and burned was headed eastbound in the opposite direction of the morning commute. amy hollyfield joins us. any injuries? and is the tunnel open? >> no one was hurt. the tunnel is still closed. they want an engineer to look at it. this is the bore on the far right. this started because of a stall car causing a couple of other cars to crash and one of them caught fire. >> people outside the caldecott tunnel could see the spoke
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billowing from the tunnel. her is the view from sky 7. here is what it looked like inside, commuter shot this video with the camera phone of a car fire that chased several people out of the tunnel forcing them to abandon their vehicles. >> everyone was like, get out, get out, get out. >> we were running. >> everyone was running and jumping out of the car. it was serious >> the smoke thickened inside the tunnel people said it was tough to breath. >> imagine being stuck inside during a barbecue and the barbecue being inside. ten times worse. >> it was pretty bad. you felt like you needed to get out of the tunnel. >> look what is lot of the car that caught fire. it was a forward. the driver escaped and is okay. the ford hit this saturn before bursting interest films much the driver of the saturn saw the fire and thought fast. >> i panicked and could not get out out of the car because the doors were locked and i tried to kick
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out the door and i crawled back and kicked this door out to get out of the car. >> no one was hurt this morning. the long time bay area residents could not help but think of the deadly accident that happened in the caldecott tunnel in 1982 when seven people were killed. >> scary. it brought flash backs of the tanker blowing up in the tunnel years ago. i was a kid but it had that feel to it. we all started running out of the tunnel pretty fast. we were scared. >> you are looking at a picture of the new bore, the inbound bore to san francisco. if you have driven through it it has fans in it. the old ones do not. drivers this morning were stuck in there with the smoke wishing it did have fans to blow all the smoke out. we asked caltran this morning if there are plans to add fans and they are would being on an answer for us.
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thank you amy. the commute was property to a screeching halt in danville after this mess on southbound 680. seven cars were tangled at the exit before 6:00 this morning. c.h.p. closed all lanes but one instantly triggering a backup that stretched for eight miles! several ambulances arrived at the scene. it is not clear if parents were taken to the hospital. a sig-alert was canceled after the lanes were cleared. >> highway patrol is investigating what happened when a taxi went air person in fairfield killing one passenger overnight. the taxi carrying two passengers left i-80's and went down the embankment and flipped on to central avenue. the cab was coming from san jose. the cab driver and a passenger are treated for injuries. with all the track problems this only you may find it use will to navigate using the waze app on your smartphone and use the abc
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group for free on apple app and google play. >> former senator 49ers defensive lineman ray mcdone am -- mcdonald will file a lawsuit against the woman who accused him of rape who intentionally interfered with his livelihood the he was cut in december for a "pattern of poor decision making." charges have not been filed with the alleged sexual assault the he was arrested previously for domestic violence against his pregnant fiance but charges were not filed. >> a vigil is held in san francisco if a ucfs dental student found shot in her apartment. randhir kaur was killed it is believed when she returned to her apartment after attending temple. police are analyzing new evidence two miles away in richmond where they found her driver's license, credit cards and bloody collects in a resident's trash can. that resident is not under
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suspicion. this is the first homicide in a deck aid. >> the naacp. hold a news conference today to address the investigation into racist and homophobic text sent between police officers. four officers are accused of exchanging the text with a former sergeant who was convicted firm corruption. the texts were revealed by reports in an effort to convince a judge not to let sergeant out of jail while he appeals. >> east bay mud is flushing out waterways during "fix a week leak," partnering with hardware stores to find and fix leaky sources the common source of indoor water waste and providing free tablets that you put in the tank and if there is a leak it turns blue. there are leak detection workshops to fix the problem yourself. >> coming up at 11 o'clock an accused criminal's bizarre
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coverup and did millionaire robert durst confess to murder on a tv documentary? hear from the filmmaker who caught it on camera. >> facebook do's and don't's. and san jose has clouded over wound and our meteorologist is coming up with the
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>> we got word that millionaire real estate heir robert durst was this possession of a revolver when he was arrested. he will face a murder charge in los angeles. the big break in the 15-year-old case may is come from his own mouth. with cameras rolling. now the filmmaker is speaking out. matt keller has the latest. >> the words were cap failured by a make phone during a shoot for an hob documentary "the jinx ." >> i killed 'em all. of course. >> the 71-year-old robert durst was arrested on saturday in new orleans before the airing of the finale. >> the millionaire real estate heir is charged in the 2000 shooting death of his friend susan berman. that was from file along with the disaperrance of his first wife, kathy in 1982 and his
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death in 2000 but he was acquitted on that. on camera, he repeatedly denied killing anyone. off camera, though, in the bathroom possibly unaware the microphone was still on, the palm shell audio was recorded. it wasn't until two years later that an editor discovered it and handed it over to police. los angeles police issued the warrant saying new evidence came to light in the past year but a source tolls the "los angeles times" that the documentary did play a role. this morning, in a new orleans courtroom, he waived extradition to california to face the murder charge. his attorney spoke to the media. >> robert durst didn't kill berman and he is ready to end all of the rumor and speculation and have a trial. >> the attorney said he was underwhelmed by the new developments revealed in the documentary including the ramblings in the bathroom. thanks, matt. a california man tried to disguise himself in hopes of trying to get away from police
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but the police say that espinoza spray painted his face black to camouflage himself. it did not work. he was caught when he returned to his home with his new look. he was arrested on charges of possession of stolen prosecute and theft of a vehicle. >> facebook is clarifying rules on nudity and offensive content and the do's and don't's have not changed but it is easier for users to understand what is allows. nudity is still mostly blocked or will be quickly removed and says bullying, hate speech, criminal activity and self injury also are bands. the new guide will be out and sent to user whose complain about what others post. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. >> good morning from the top of the news broadcast center where it is considerably cooler. no more record high temperatures coming your way but i do have a
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warming trend after we find out if the rain is going to reach the ground on live doppler hd. >> also coming up, something you do not see every day down under, the story behind these two. >> fashion feud elton john takes on the top designer in the world, dolce gabbana, and they are firing
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in chile, drones are used to help lifeguards on peaches save people from drowning. very interesting. they are controlled from the beach and outflighted with a
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float camera microphone and speaker. they can get to swimmers quickly and drop a life preserver for the person to hang on until help arrives. >> great use. in victoria, australia two koalas were cut in a wrestling match, a no hold bars contest hoping to knox down their opponent. the males are then for aggression. catching them like this though is very care. >> that is not just a bear hug is it? >> getting a little too close. >> we had an incredibly warm weekend but it is will cooling down. >> it was human beings mike. >> testimonies are nearly 90 over the weekend setting records in some areas and high humidity is starting to taper and in some areas we have had a lost moisture falling from the sky
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and we can see it on live doppler hd and a string of moisture from santa rosa or rohnert park and petaluma off point reyes and over the ocean. it is virga. it is not evaporating. the clouds are thick but mostly in the mid-to-upper levels of the atmosphere with a dry layer before it and that is causing everything to evaporate. get used to the clouds and cooler weather. i would be surprised if you get a sprinkle out of this system. temperatures are running in low-to-mid 60s and along the peninsula and everywhere so we have a nice mild southern flow that will push our temperatures up near average levels if not just a little bit above that. can you see how high the pace of the clouds are. mostly cloudy with stray showers across the north bay and we have a cold front coming in, stalling right there and that would be the best spot if anything does reach the ground. brighter and warmer tomorrow
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through thursday. unfortunately there is no significant rain in my seven-day forecast. there is plenty of pollen and mulberry and sycamore are joining in the high category with weed and grass, and mold is still low. we have a stall of the front so it will not make it in here and the north bay has the best chance of a stray shower. the front will wash out as we head into the overnight hours and that is why we will wake up tomorrow mainly cloudy, but they will see increasing sunshine and temperatures will rebound as quickly at tomorrow. today, low-to-mid 60s on the cost until santa cruz at 68. and mid-60 around san rafael and vallejo and otherwise, upper 60 to low 70s for the rest of us. tonight a few upper 40s inland and otherwise low-to-mid
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50s. should be sunny by st. patrick's day afternoon. still in the 60s at the coast but low-to-mid 70s on tuesday into wednesday and we warm mar on thursday before spring arrives on friday and a dry cold front comes through and drops the temperatures back down to seasonal levels saturday and sunday. it is a dry cold front that comes in on friday. hope you enjoyed this afternoon. if you like x-ray -- gray weather this is it. >> fighting words between elton john and dolce gabbana. he is up set after dolce gabbana, the partners told an italian magazine they oppose the gay adoptions and the only family is traditional and criticize ivf and surrogate parents the john has two young sons born with the help of a
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surrogate fired back writing highway do you you refer to my beautiful children as synthetic and is urging the fans to boycott dolce gabbana. >> and this story an adventurist elderly woman celebrating her 100n by sky diving and briefed the cold waters off 9 coast of africa this morning to meet a great white shark face-to-face. her great grandson joined her for the nerve wracking encounter in the shark cage one of the most unique in her entire life sky diving over the weekend to raise money for life jackets for the national sea rescue institute. i want to be here! what a cool woman. >> never too old to challenge yourself. >> we should all do something nice for ourselves every day and today is the first of "national me day." there really is such a thing okay?
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a goal setting company says "me" day makes you unique to indulge in what makes you happy. 70 percent of americans do not take regular "me" time. what will you do for yourself today? let us know on facebook/com. >> sky diving? shark cage? >> 30 minutes with a good book and an ice tea. >> dancing? >> the stars are ready for the new "dancing with the stars" season and one celebrity said abc7 is her good luck
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>> now, the caldecott tunnel re-opened after a fiery car crash on highway 24. at 4:00, yahoo reveal as new way to get into your e-mail account. and these pictures are helping stand ford scientists unravel the secrets of science. new season of dance checks off tonight with an exciting capacity including a popular bay area native. actress suzanne somers became a star in "three's company," born in san bruno. abc7 is her good luck charm. >> kgo is where i met my husband. >> at the nation.
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>> during the anniversary game. >> wow! i worked in that and it was my first job, model on the anniversary game where i met my husband and i was fired on the first day because i kept looking at the wrong camera but i got the host! >> as an ex guest judge he does not have an inside track or unfair advantage. >> the soccer dad. that pulls their son out of the game to show the other parents that i'm fair. just be nice on me, guys. that is my message to the judges. >> can you watch the new season of "dancing with the stars" tonight right here. >> for all of us, thanks for joining
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[dramatic music] ♪ ♪ >> yeah! oh, ho, ho! oh! [cheers and applause] thank you, and welcome to millionaire. i'm terry crews. you may know me from brooklyn nine-nine and now i'm doing double duty as your host here on millionaire. [cheers and applause] my first contestant has been a game show junkie since he was ten years old. today he came here for more than $1 million. he's out for my job! from chicago, illinois please welcome michael schwartz. [cheers and applause] michael! >> hi, terry. >> how you doing? >> good to see you, terry. >> wait, man. um... [clears throat] i hear you're out for my j


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